MEXQ is National leader providing quality assurance services in the automotive industry. We currently have more than 1,300 employees in 14 branches around mexico. Since 1997 our reputation as a provider of services has grown thanks to the confidence that give us major automakers and all its suppliers in Mexico and the world. We focus on supporting our customers with flexible solutions for their quality problems.


Our mission is to guarantee the quality of products and components for the automotive industry through the highest quality services.

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Added value
Financial Health

Is everyone's responsibility to understand and meet the requirements providing customer service and quality assurance specialized support continually improving our processes.


• 2007 -  Winer for being the enterpriser of the year COPARMEX.
• 2008 -  Participation in the Aguascalientes CRIT´s directive board.
• 2010 - Publication on CNN and Expansion as one of the 10 enterprising.
• 2011 - Certificated as an International Endeavor enterpriser.
• 2011 - MexQ´s story publicated in the book “La nueva cara de Aguascalientes”
• 2012 - MexQ´s story publicated in the book “La nueva cara de México”
• 2012 - Certification Endeavor International.
• 2015 - Young President’s Organization members.