Defective parts inspection and selection.
Defective parts rework.
Control Shipping I (GP12).
Control Shipping II.
Assessment (CSII Process Evaluation).
Quality assurance campaigns.
Quality residents:

Inspector Level.
Technician Level.
Engineer Level.
Representation services.
Outsourcing: Receipt Inspection:
Suppliers material reception.
Claims submission in case of defective material reception.
Suppliers corrective actions follow-up.
Outsourcing: Final inspection:
Defined product sampling.
Shipment release.


Logistic Services:
Material transportation.
Material Storage.
Finished product services:
Modification center.
Port/Loading yard installation and uninstallation. Etc
Material handling services:
Material handling and displacement.
Material supply in assembly line.
Packages and containers returning.
Movement of storage units services:
Test track pilots.
Road test pilots.
Products packaging:
Box assembly and strapping.


QSB (GM, Quality System Basic)
LEP (GM, Label Error Proofing)
ASP (Análisis y Solución de Problemas)